Dark Moon Velvet

Simple setup

Posted on: April 17, 2009

Not much to say, just to avoid repetition here’s the basic functions I recommend. I will complete the list as time goes by.

Test server, I recommend just using either whatever comes in more convenient (for Rails WEBrick for example). In the case of PHP, just install WAMP (on windows; also has a Linux cousin), not necessarily to avoid configuration but it installs itself in clean compact way and is easy to remove as well.

Source code editor, my recommendation is to always use the minimum effort for the job; so something like Notepad, SciTE or its more friendly cousin Notepad2. If you really need the power of a IDE then use one but remember that more features will slow you down if you are not really going to make use of them.

I also advice on minimizing the editor window to the 80 or 100 character margin, and possibly reducing its height as well. It is often times far more productive to simply see the code your need to write/analyze rather then a large mass of endless text.

For readability I found size 9/10 Courier New very pleasant, although Lucida Console is not a bad alternative. You should also try to minimize the colors used in the color coding as they can do more harm then good (between two and four colors per language is common for me).

As a scripting language, ruby wins hands down. It’s easy, simple to install and has convenient syntax and libraries. Your system may already have it, but make sure to get the latest release.

You should try make good use of your operating system‘s file handling. In windows, make sure to familiarize yourself with the path system variable (I also recommend having a batch folder added to it) and also make sure the files types are configured to your licking. Besides the default Open command, other options can be added; Edit is commonly set by some programs by can be added manually fairly easily.


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