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Wakoopa, application tracking

Posted on: April 3, 2009

I was inspired to write this after reading Darrell’s Unwrapp: Help for the Web App-addicted on Web Worker Daily.

Disclaimer: If you are very paranoid or “closed source” slowly back away now.

Wakoopa is a “application tracking site” but unlike things like online directories or recomandation lists and sites, which you may be familiar with (or not), Wakoopa literally tracks your applications! You basically install this small program and it will trace (likely looking at your processes) what application your using; remember process names are usually pretty unique and you can press Ctrl+Shift+Esc and copy paste to good old google to find what latest bloatware you have stumbled upon. This uniqueness is what it (likely) uses to track your down.

Wakoopa Profile Screenshot

Does Wakoopa track only some specific application? Well that’s it, there is no filtering, it tracks everything, although do not be alarmed it only tracks if you are running it or not, not sensible information regarding it (or so we all hope; just kidding). If you search the plentiful Wakoopa archives you’ll find such processes as explorer (the windows shell, no not a CLI shell silly) or the like. By all means you are free to turn it off at any time, but that defeats the purpose.

Descriptions on the applications are short and to the point, and generally user submitted; you can also check fun statistics on what people use; well wakoopa people anyway but hey! what do you care for the old geezers.

You do not need to join and get tracked to make use of wakoopa search, statistics and such, although that does offer the benefit of auto-discovery on good applications, lets say your searching using RocketDock, you may find such things like Launchy [Launchy is a open source keystroke launcher] (no I found it while working with jmatter, not wakoop, but you could!).

What left for me to tell you is that at heart Wakoopa is a social site so if you are into having pretty niftly profile chatting, knock yourself out. It also has a RGPish leveling system to play with, not that it telling you what junk you are actually using with your time (but pretend you are not) is not crazy fun in itself.

The site is nice and friendly Css design, with half decent code under the hood (well, nobody’s perfect).

That all, ok thx bye.


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